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Seattle, WA
(206) 571 7580

Kent, WA
(425) 440 0966

Kirkland, WA
(425) 200-8045

Renton, WA
(425) 495-1903

Redmond, WA
(425) 495-0306

How Effective Are Your Rodent Control Methods, and What is Your Success Rate in Completely Eliminating Rats and Mice?

Rodent Rats Mice Mouse Control and Extermination Exterminators Services

Expert Eastside Extermination Exterminators Services for Rats and Mice

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AMPM Exterminators offers comprehensive rodent control and extermination services, covering Seattle, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Bellevue, Bothell, Kent, Renton, and the Eastside regions of WA. Our methods are designed to effectively eliminate and prevent re-infestations of rats and mice, ensuring long-term protection for your home or business.

How We Ensure Effective Rodent Control

Comprehensive Inspection and Assessment

Our process begins with a thorough inspection to assess the extent of the rodent problem. Our experienced technicians identify entry points, nesting areas, and food sources to create a tailored extermination plan.

Proven Methods for Rodent Extermination

We utilize a variety of effective methods to ensure complete eradication of rats and mice:

  • Trapping and Removal: Safe and humane trapping techniques to capture and remove rodents.
  • Sealing Entry Points: Identifying and sealing all possible entry points to prevent future infestations.
  • Sanitation and Clean-up: Cleaning and sanitizing infested areas to remove odors and prevent re-infestation.
  • Insulation Replacement: Removing contaminated insulation and replacing it with new, clean insulation to restore your attic or crawlspace.

Long-Term Prevention Strategies

We don’t just eliminate the current infestation; we implement long-term prevention strategies to keep your home rodent-free:

  • Perimeter Maintenance: Regular inspections and maintenance to ensure no new rodents can enter.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions: Using environmentally safe methods and materials to protect your family and pets.

Why Choose Our Rodent Control Services?

Experienced and Qualified Team

Our team of qualified professionals has extensive experience in dealing with rodent infestations. We understand the behavior of rodents and use this knowledge to effectively eliminate them.

Comprehensive Services

Our services go beyond simple extermination. We offer:

  • Attic and Crawlspace Restoration: Removing contaminated materials, deodorizing, and disinfecting affected areas.
  • Energy Efficiency Improvements: Ensuring your home is well-insulated and energy-efficient, which can reduce heating costs by up to 30%.

Attic and Crawlspace Restoration

Damage Caused by Rodents

Rodents can cause significant damage to attics and crawlspaces, including:

  • Contaminated Insulation: Rodent droppings, urine, and nesting materials can contaminate insulation.
  • Chewed Ducting and Wiring: Rodents often chew through ducting and wiring, creating potential fire hazards.
  • Structural Damage: Rodents can cause structural damage by burrowing and nesting.

Our Restoration Services Include:

  • Removal of Contaminated Insulation: Safely removing and disposing of contaminated insulation.
  • Air Sealing: Sealing all potential entry points to prevent future infestations.
  • Installing New Insulation: Installing high-quality insulation to improve energy efficiency.
  • Sanitizing and Deodorizing: Cleaning and deodorizing the area to remove any traces of infestation.

How Much Does Rodent Control and Insulation Replacement Cost?

Detailed Inspection and Transparent Pricing

After a thorough inspection, our pest control inspector will provide you with a detailed cost estimate. Typical services, including home repairs, sealing entry points, trapping, and removal, can range from $300 to $600. This investment not only addresses the current infestation but also ensures long-term protection against future rodent problems.

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Don’t let rodents take over your home. Contact AMPM Exterminators today for effective rodent control and prevention services. Call us at 206-571-7580 to schedule an inspection and take the first step towards a rodent-free home.

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