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    Our Services

    Our Services


    AM/PM Exterminators take pride in family and pet friendly effective home pest control. Helping you rid your home and office of bedbugs, carpenter ants, spiders, hornets, wasps, bees, beetles, moths, flies, termites and more.


    Providing extermination services for rodents such as rats, skunks, mice, and more. We can also handle carcass removal, wildlife trapping and attic and crawlspace rodent restoration for your residential and commercial needs.


    We are a family-owned, environmentally friendly, pest control company. We use only non-toxic pest control products so that you are left with a safe & fresh environment, rid of the unwanted pests in your home.


    We use well tested and proven treatments that are both effective and efficient in preventing and controlling pest infestations. Our cutting-edge technologies ensure that our client’s facilities remain pest-free in a sustainable way.