Sparrows nest in bird boxes, tree holes and in almost any nook or cranny of a building . They are aggressive fighters and will evict any nesting bird from a cavity to take over the site.


Starlings take over nesting cavities and will evict birds larger than themselves. Starlings are messy, quarrelsome, aggressive, and noisy. They gather by the thousands in their winter roosts and in the Spring nest in cavities to produce 2-3 broods.

Bird control removal services in Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Issaquah, Medina & Eastside, WA for residential commercial industrial properties, factories, office buildings, bridges and the agricultural sector. Generally considered a nuisance under certain circumstances are pigeons, sparrows, swallows, starlings and woodpeckers.

Why do you need to Control Birds?

    • Unsafe Walkways

      Droppings from birds on footpaths and walkways can cause them to become very slippery posing a real risk to persons using the path.

    • Maintenance Costs

      Nest and droppings block gutters and down pipes. This results in overflowing water leading to building damage, stock damage & possible product contamination.

    • The Spreading of Disease

      When birds are living in close proximity with humans, there is an increase to the possibility of disease transmission. Pigeons, gulls and many other birds may carry bacteria, causing Salmonellosis. Pigeons carry Ornithosis, a disease similar to viral pneumnia, that can be transmitted to humans through infected droppings or respiratory droplets.

      Ornithosis is often mistaken for flu in humans and so is possibly far more common than is realized.

  • Sources of Insect Infestation 

    Birds nests harbor insects and mites which live as scavengers on the nest material, or droppings, or as external parasites on the birds. Prevention of nest building on premises, reduces the possibility of infestation.

    Disinfection is the sterilization with chemical and thermal agents in order to prevent the colonization of unwanted, sometimes pathogenic, microorganisms, germs and parasites. Disinfection is only allowed to be carried out by approved specialists.

  • Our pest exterminators permanently solve your bird control problems

  • Our pest control technicians protect structures from the damaging and disfiguring effects of bird guano

    Safeguard the health of your employees from diseases spread through bird droppings